Altogether 24 tribes with origin in Menzingen and/or Neuheim could be found. Possibly linkages are given, but could not be proven until to date.

The family trees are numbered. The numbers are selected not simply arbitrarily, they refer directly to the register numbers in the civil status books of the respective primary fathers.

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Nr. 1 to 183
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Nr. 1 Doswald Mauritz
Nr. 2 Doswald Johann Baptist
Nr. 3 Doswald Melchior
Nr. 4 Doswald Christian Jakob
Nr. 6 Doswald Ulrich
Nr. 7 Doswald Jakob
Nr. 8 Doswald Johann
Nr. 10 Doswald Franz
Nr. 11 Doswald Meinrad
Nr. 22 Doswald Joseph
Nr. 28 Doswald Klemmenz
Nr. 29 Doswald Melchior
Nr. 31 Doswald Johann Klemmenz
Nr. 40 Doswald Joseph Anton
Nr. 41 -> 165,219 Doswald Joseph
Nr. 42 Doswald G. Karl Bonifaz
Nr. 45 Doswald Anton
Nr. 47 Doswald Joseph Klemmenz
Nr. 49 -> 59,60,141,170,192,219 Doswald Clemenz Joseph
Nr. 52 Doswald Johann Klemmenz
Nr. 55.5 Doswald Joseph Maria Anton
Nr. 62.5 Doswald Josef Archangelus
Nr. 134 & 171 Doswald Carl
Nr. 161 & 183 Doswald Clemens

I have taken the above text and the information to the family trees,
by courtesy of the author Reto Doswald, from its
Family chronicle of 1996.

With your assistance I will update the family trees and
keep them up to date.

You will find further historical remarks on the homepages of
Neuheim and Menzingen.