The villages Menzingen and Neuheim, from where the dynasty Doswald comes, lie in the canton Zug in Switzerland.

Menzingen and Neuheim have hardly an early history. Finds in the Farm Blachen close to Neuheim refer to memories to the Roman time. There documents were found, which refer to the missing field name Steinmur and Strass at Bumbach. The road designation Altwiken at Hinterburg is also a find, which possibly points to Roman times. Otherwise however no articles were found or for observations in the area were made, which refers to early life of the two mountain municipalities.


On the moraine hill between the rivers Lorze and Sihl and of the Hoehronen mountain range, direction to the west formed it early around some cloistral basic yards a community, the municipality at the mountain (Menzingen and Neuheim). Their first mention is in a brevier around 1220. The first dated document appears however only to 16. /17. December 1282.  The most important landlords were Einsiedeln, St.Blasien (Black Forest, Germany) and Kappel. Held the high jurisdiction in sequence the Lenzburger, the Kiburger and the Habsburger. Due to the political development she turned into the city and department of Zug.


Menzingen formed already under Habsburg a member of the outer department, even if the independence developed only gradually. An attempt 1464 to detach from Einsiedeln and thus religious landlords, failed mainly because of the resistance of the cloistral bailiwick of Schwyz,  and has been repeated 1679 with success. Political center of the municipalities was originally the Einsiedler-Farm Neuheim, with old own parish church. Menzingen was nominated no more than 1479 as a parish. Since that 16. Century participates Menzingen with Aegeri and Baar in charge of the outer department and attained full equal rights. The special federation carried out the political separation of the northern part, of the community Neuheim. Neuheim is mentioned between 1080 and 1092 for the first time and built themselves for the first time at the side of the Einsiedeln and St. Blasien a church. Neuheim and Menzingen divided the political fates until 1848 in the large municipality at the mountain and occasionally with the mayor family Weber on the Silbrugg and Trinkler in the Blachen. An independent municipality Neuheim came off only with the constitution of 1848 after the special federation war.

Emblem of  Menzingen:  In white, on three mountain, three green fir

Emblem of Neuheim:  In yellow, on a green hill, a green lime tree

Neuheim could create only after a separation of Menzingen its own Emblem. Some variants circled around, until the inhabitant municipality meeting (scarcely hundred years after the separation) on 19 April 1942 and the citizen municipality meeting approved the today's emblem on 14 June of the same year.


The Name Doswald comes on the one hand from Menzingen on the other hand in addition, from Neuheim. Different families possess also different native places. Depending upon canton differently native places are permissible in Switzerland. The advantage of the “primal-nativ places” is without a doubt fore the research. All data are collected uniquely and central. The expenditure of the research is reduced.


The Name Doswald appears for the first time in Oberaegeri, where Hensli Toswald had lived on 6 August 1401 as an hermit and churchman . In Menzingen appear the Doswald's for the first time 1427 in Finstersee. The civil status books mention the honorable dynasty briefly after 1600 the first time. The year time book of Baar mentions several members. With the separation 1848, 45 of Doswald fell on Neuheim and 53 remained in Menzingen (of the, at that time 3089 citizens, were 2364 Menzingen and 725 Neuheim assigned).


Jakob Doswald fell in the battle with Bicocca 1522. Generally some Doswald lost  their life with fights for their obligation on foreign areas.


New ways of the research show that still further into the past can be researched. The Pastor book of Neuheim, dated by 1617, missed for some time was found  again. The first Pastor books of Menzingen are after short appearing again for unexplainable reasons missing. From the books some is to be experienced over the “old” Doswald's. The research needs enormously much time. I must you put off it, dear reader, up to another time. The data in the family trees are supported by the entries of the municipalities and not with the church books or other sources were continued to compare. Everywhere error can develop and therefore further research, in the sense of control these uncertainties, at least a little would eliminate. I hope to be able to give however with this book a rough overview of the dynasty Doswald. Perhaps there are some interested people, which are encountered with the own research reliable sources and which gladly make information available. Naturally I deal with each reference and try each type, with indication of source, in further editions to consider.

Emblem of  Doswald:  In white, on three mountain, three green fir
(corresponds exactly to Menzingen)

In the collection of the Nostell Church at Leeds in England located a plate with the following saying to the Doswald Emblem:

"Im Schild führ ich ein stäcken Tann

vom Dossewa(ld) nim ich von dann

Vil stächen, die Böck zu strafen hart,

auch wölfen zhalten widerpart."




The above text and the information to the family trees I,
with kindli grant of the author from Reto Doswald,
taken over from its family chronicle of 1996.

Further historical remarks are to find on the home pages
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